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Complementary UCSF Imaging Facilities and Resources


With the number and types of imaging equipment necessary to conduct modern biomedical research, it is beyond the domain of a single Core to deliver all equipment needs for all laboratories. The following Campus Cores provide access to additional instruments, not available within the DERC Microscopy and Imaging Core, including the:

a) UCSF Biologic Imaging Development Center. The BIDC is closely affiliated with, and assists the introduction of new technologies to the DERC Microscopy and Imaging Core and other Cores on campus.

b) Laboratory for Cell Analysis of the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center.

c) UCSF Nikon Imaging Center

d) UCSF Small Molecular Discovery Center


Other Useful Sources of Information


Molecular Expressions website from Florida State University

Nikon University

Leica Science Lab

Invitrogen SpectraViewer

Fluorescent Spectra Arizona University

BD Fluorescence Tools