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• Human Islet Isolation, and Purification, and Culture.

• Mouse Islets

• Islet quality control assays

• Islet and Cellular Transplantation

HUMAN ISLETS, FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY - The UCSF Islet and Cellular Production Facility

If you would like to receive human islets for research purposes, please fill out the attached form and return to the Core Manager Greg Szot, Given that human tissues become available at unpredictable times, laboratories desiring human islets for research purposes must commit to receiving islets on short notice, with no opt-out possibility. This is because the costs of human islet preparation are made affordable only by extensive coordination amongst multiple laboratories. Participating laboratories share organ procurement and preparation costs whereas the Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center grant (P30 DK063720) provides the personnel support for the preparations. Please contact Greg Szot to learn more about becoming a member of the human islet procurement consortium. Click HERE to learn more about the program

Please note that the same facility also prepares islets for human transplantation under a more rigorous set of organ procurement and islet preparation/characterization regime, with no cost sharing by the Center grant. Interested parties should contact Greg Szot.

•4,500-sq. ft. cGMP clean room laboratory at the Mission Center Building, which includes a QA/QC management team. Advanced Scheduling: Islet availability variable.

MOUSE ISLETS – The UCSF Mouse Islet Isolation Facility.

• 300-sq. ft. mouse procedure room dedicated to the isolation of murine islets located at the Parnassus campus. Two-week advanced scheduling: Core availability five days/week.


• Rodent Islet Isolation, and Purification, and Culture.
• Individually dispersed a-, b-, d-Cells from Islets.

ISLET QUALITY CONTROL ASSAYS – Islet Assessment and Quality Control

• Assessment of islet purity and viability
• Glucose-stimulated insulin release, in vitro.

ISLET AND CELLULAR TRANSPLANTATION – Murine Kidney Capsule Transplants

• Transplants of islets to kidney capsules of mice. Islet or cellular preparation for transplant.
• Post-surgical care.