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Equipment Available

Instruments within the Diabetes Center Microscopy Core include two electron microscopes, two confocal microscopes, a structured illumination optical sectioning microscope, a high throughput microscope, two widefield microscopes, three microtomes, a cryostat, a tissue processor, a histoembedder, a brightfield microscope and a suite of three computers available exclusively for post-acquisition image analysis. The microscope and image analysis stations are available for use, after TRAINING by any UCSF and, pending availability, non-UCSF laboratories. The other equipment is heavily used and available only to Diabetes Center-affiliated personnel.

All equipment, the training in their proper use and assistance in the use of the equipment is available to all campus members on a recharge basis. Portions of equipment use by members of members are reminded to acknowledge DERC Center grant (P30 DK063720) contributions with ‘This research was supported by grants x, y and facilities support from NIH P30 DK063720”.

Microscopy Services:
JEOL 1400 Transmission Electron Microscope
JEOL JCM-5000 Neoscope Scanning Electron Microscope
Leica SL Upright Confocal
Leica SP5 Inverted Confocal
IX-Micro High Throughput Widefield
Olympus Inverted Widefield
Zeiss Apotome/Widefield Upright
Zeiss Brightfield
Zeiss Upright Brightfield
Image Analysis Workstations
Histology Room
Direct Assistance