UCSF ES Cell Targeting Core

The UCSF ES Cell Targeting Core provides high-quality ES cell services shown below to all UCSF investigators as well as external investigators.

  • ES cell targeting
  • Expansion of targeted ES cells from outside repositories
  • Chromosome counts
  • Preparation of ES cells for microinjection


Gladstone Transgenic Gene Targeting Core

The Gladstone Transgenic Gene targeting core injects either DNA or ES cells to create genetically modified mouse models.

  • Microinjection of DNA
  • Microinjection of ES cells

Contact: Junli Zhang (

UCSF Rederivation Core

The core creates new mice by embryo transfer in order to prevent the potential for transmission of pathogens.

Contact: Helen Lu (

UCSF Cryopreservation and Resuscitation Core

The core will cryopreserve sperm and embryo and, on request, resuscitate them to re-create mouse lines.

Contact: Khalida Sabeur (


Lentiviral RNAi Core


Knowing the functions of the genes involved in a human disease helps us to better create therapies. RNA interference is a powerful way to silence a gene in a cell, allowing research investigators to study the resulting cellular phenotype.

We combine the power of RNA interference and the use of lentiviral technologies to create silencing systems for research use. To view our services, click here. If you would like to use these services, simply create a new account at the ViraCore site and complete the requested fields.

Creating an account gives you access to Core services including virus production, a lentivirus vector database, important biosafety information, and e-office hours for trouble-shooting your RNAi experiments.