DRC Pilot and Feasibility: Invested Investigators



Year Funded

Proposal Title

Zev Gartner, PhD 2018 Quantifying islet structure in the mouse and human pancreas
Audrey Parent, PhD 2018 Characterization of autoantigen presentation by beta cells in human Type 1 Diabetes
Fred Van Gool,PhD 2018 Analysis of Foxp3 IPEX mutations in Type 1 diabetes: how to decipher the regulatory code
Lisa Buetler, MD, PhD 2018 Dissecting the role of insulin in the regulation of central feeding circuits
Feroz Papa, MD, PhD 2017 Ameliorating Insulin Resistance by Pharmacological Targeting of the Unfolded Protein Response
Gregory Ku, MD, PhD 2017 Harnessing CRISPR Interference to Identify Regulators of Insulin Secretion in Intact Primary Islets
Aditi Bhargava, PhD 2017 Role of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Receptor 2 (CRF2R) in Glucose Homeostasis and Diabetes
2017 Quantitative Assessment of Cortical Bone Porosity in Type 2 Diabetes using MRI
Paolo Rinaudo, MD, PhD 2015 Embryonic Manipulation and Diabetes Risk
Julie Sneddon, PhD 2015 Engineering the Functional Beta Cell Niche
Qizhi Tang, PhD 2015 Platform Technology for Identification of Islet-Antigen-Specific T cells in Autoimmune Diabetes mice
Robert Raffai, PhD 2015 Diabetic Hyperglycemia & Altered Immunity in Atherosclerosis Regression