1. UCSF Mouse Inventory Database
The Mouse Inventory Database provides the university community with a central online resource that describes mice currently housed at UCSF. Users can go online with a web browser to determine if mice carrying a particular genetic alteration or mice of a particular inbred strain are available in the colony of one or more investigators at the university and to find out whom to contact about the possibility of obtaining the mice. Access to this information should save investigators considerable time and money in acquiring mice, as well as stimulate collaboration between investigators.

2. International Knockout Mouse Consortium
The members of the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC) are working together to mutate all protein-coding genes in the mouse using a combination of gene trapping and gene targeting in C57BL/6 mouse ES cells. The IKMC includes KOMP, EUCOMM, NorCOMM, TIGM and MirKO. This is the one stop location for all reagents generated by the members.

3. UCDAVIS KOMP Repository
You can use this website to order all KOMP products, including targeting vectors, targeted ES cells, mice, sperm and embryos produced by CSD consortium and Velocigene/Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

4. European Mouse Mutant Cell Repository
EuMMCR unit distributes materials arising within the EUCOMM consortium. Currently targeting vectors and ES cells are on the list.

5. Sanger MicroRNA Knockout ES Cell Lines
The Sanger Institute is generating a continually expanding collection of miRNA ES cell lines and these lines are distributed by MMRRC.

6. Mouse Genome Informatics
MGI is the international database resource for the laboratory mouse, providing integrated genetic, genomic, and biological data to facilitate the study of human health and disease.

7. JAX mice and Services
JAX holds and distributes popular mouse models that have been published and well characterized. You can search the database and order.

8. International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR)
This is a searchable online database of mouse strains and stocks available worldwide. The goal is to assist in locating mouse resources.

9. German Mouse Clinic
GMC offers the examination of mouse mutants using a standardized phenotypic check-up with more than 550 parameters covering behavior, neurology, immunology, allergy, metabolism, cardiovascular analysis, vision, hearing, and pathology.

10. Knock Out Rat Consortium
The KnockOut Rat Consortium (KORC) is formed in the goal of creating knockout rats using multiple different technologies.Rats are important models for functional genomics and also for drug discovery, due to their larger size and physiology similar to humans compared mice.

11. Useful Transgenic Protocol pages

12. Useful Guidelines

a. Guideline for creating ES clones from repositories and making mice

b. Library of available transgenic cassettes

c. Transgenic Outline

d. Gene targeting outline

e. Mouse Breeding guideline