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The philosophy of the Islet Core is to provide access to mouse and human research islets in a highly efficient and economical fashion. Recharge rates are reviewed and approved by the UCSF Recharge Office. Rates are available by contacting Gregory Szot.

  1. Isolation of mouse islets
  2. Human research islets

All UCSF and affiliated laboratories pay the same recharge rates. As UCSF subsidizes facility, external academic and commercial researchers must pay an additional 26% overhead charge. 

Core assistance provided for the following techniques and assays:

  1. Cellular and islet transplantation techniques;
  2. Islet insulin secretion-glucose challenge assays and perfusion;
  3. Insulin ELISAs and Islet hormone multiplex assays

Portions of equipment available to members of the Diabetes Research Center (DRC) and are paid for and maintained by the Center grant.

Core user publication acknowledgments: Core users are reminded to acknowledge the DRC Center grant (P30 DK063720) contributions with ‘This research was supported by grants x, y from NIH P30 DK063720”.